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Candle Sticks Decorated

Candle Sticks Decorated
Model: JSA-10084
Height: 9.5 cm
Materials: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: All products are handmade, each piece weight is slightly different. Contact us for more info
Price: $409 USD
Two rows of pearls

Candle Sticks Decorated Jewish 925 Sterling Silver

What makes Candle Sticks Kosher?
According to the Jewish Halachah, different kinds of fuels are discussed as Kosher or invalid for use on Shabbat. This is mainly because of the flames created by the different kinds of materials burned. The main concern is having one trying to stabilize the flame, which is stricly prohibited, aw well as tempering with the flame in any way. Shabbat candle sticks can hold any candles that burns 100% cleanly and smoothly and scent-free. Sterling Silver candle sticks are ideal for the Shabbat, as known Shabbat is THE day to be elegent and prestige doing any Mitzvah.

Candle Sticks are used for:
Candle Sticks are used for one of the most important Jewish rituals in a woman life: Lit the Shabbat Candles! Most Jewish families the ritual of lighting the Shabbat Candles is a reminder of being Jewish, for others it?s a symbol to God's light in your home and personal life.

What is the tradition behind Candle Sticks?
Our righteous mother Sarah was the first Jewish woman in histry and therefore the first Jewish woman to lid the Shabbat Candles, with miraculously remain lit throu out all the week long until the next Shabbat. It is told that when Isaac saw the same miracle with his wife Rebecca, he knew he found the rightous woman for him.

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