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Kosher Natlah Washing Cup Basic

Kosher Natlah Washing Cup Basic
Model: JSA-10065
Height: 16 cm
Materials: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: All products are handmade, each piece weight is slightly different. Contact us for more info
Price: $989 USD
Round Washing Cup with Balls Between Cup and Base

Kosher Natlah Washing Cup Basic Jewish 925 Sterling Silver

What makes Natlah Washing Cups Kosher?
The Natlah cup must have 2 handles and have no holes what so ever, while hoding a sefficient ammount of water to cover the entire wrist of a grown man.

Natlah Washing Cups are used for:
a washing cup is used regularly on everyday in the Jewish life: When waking in the morning, Before eating bread, and after touching certain body parts or materials.

What is the tradition behind Natlah Washing Cups?
Tradition requires hands washing to stay holy and sacred before God.

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