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Kosher Passover Plates Old Fashion Style

Kosher Passover Plates Old Fashion Style
Model: JSA-10076
Height: 38 cm
Materials: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: All products are handmade, each piece weight is slightly different. Contact us for more info
Price: $3,099 USD
One Tier, MAH NISHTANAH Lettering

Kosher Passover Plates Old Fashion Style Jewish 925 Sterling Silver

What makes Passover Plates Kosher?
a Kosher Passover plate holds a place to each of the different symbolic foods we bless on passover, arranged in the exact same order of the blessings.

Passover Plates are used for:
The Passover plate is usually located at the middle of the Passover table.

What is the tradition behind Passover Plates?
Each of the six items are a symbolic reminder with a special significane to the story of the exodus from Egypt.

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