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Synagogue Items

The synagouge is agathering point in all Jewish communities around the world. From kids to elders, all family members come visit the synagouge at least once a year on Yom Kipur, being religous or not. Here you may find items designed especially for the synagouge.

Torah Cases
Torah Cases
Torah Ornaments
Torah Ornaments
Megilla Cases
Megilla Cases

About Synagogue Items - Sterling Silver Judaica

The first synagouge was built after the ruins of the second holy temple in Jerusalem, when each local Jewish community had no place to go for praying or spiritual guiding.

The synagouge is one of the most sacred places to every Jew living in todays world. Many religions has some of our traditions. Some will say a man should wake up each morning and say thanks, or do meditation for about an hour. Some say you should go to spirituality lessons each day, some say each community should have its center of public gathering, some say each should have a spiritual leader. We as Jews has the huge advantage and beatiful gift of the Synagouge in our lives.

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