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Sterling Silver Tefillin Boxes

When it comes to the quality of each of us tefilin, none is willing to not spend everything he have and purchase a luxury tefilin. You must have a sterling silver tefilin box to protect your tefilin. When its an item each man uses everyday, it requires a special treatment. Our sterling silver tefilin boxes, will protect your tefilin from any damages while making the right impression in the sunagouge when you take them out.
Kosher Tefillin Box Luxury Series
Kosher Tefillin Box Luxury Series
$2,780 USD
Kosher Tefillin Box Ultra Fine
Kosher Tefillin Box Ultra Fine
$2,930 USD
Kosher Tefillin Boxes High Tech Style
Kosher Tefillin Boxes High Tech Style
$2,850 USD

Buy Kosher Jewish Tefillin Boxes - Sterling Silver Judaica

Tefilin is one of the most immportant Men's mitzvah. Scrolls say that when a man is living this material world he needs to have two witnesses for everyday in his life out of the 3 options: Brith-Mila is the first, Tefilin is the socond, Keeping the Holy Brith woth god (!..). While on Shabbat you can't bless the tefilin you always have to keep two of the three. "By two witnesses things will rise and fall..". Beyond that, each man is using his Tefilin everyday, therefore he should guard them with great respect, using our Kosher 925 sterling silver tefilin boxes, you can be sure that your tefiilin are protected. Take a few minutes to go over our very special collection of Kosher 925 sterling silver tefilin boxes to find the special set that is perfect for you.

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